Skype's Asia-Pacific vp Dan Neary delivered a hammer blow to the solar plexus of Microsoft's planned mobile OS comeback today, when he announced that the VoIP champion has no plans for a Windows Mobile 7 version of its massively popular software.

Speaking at an event at Sydney, Neary said that Skype's focus, in terms of mobile development, would be new offerings for the iPhone, iPad and Android based handsets.

The news will hit Microsoft pretty hard, who has already admitted itself that some features will be missing when the platform goes live later this year. Windows Mobile 7 is supposed to be Microsoft's triumphant return to the smartphone OS market, but a lack of Skype will be a big disappointment for users.

Will a lack of Skype stop you buying a WM7 handset? Has Microsoft messed up too much in the past when it comes to mobile platforms so that you feel a comeback is already beyond them? Let us know.