Skype is looking at new revenue streams in order to keep its service free. And one of these revenue streams could be third-party advertising. The revelation came from Skype boss Josh Silverman in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

Silverman said: “It’s challenging to get right as the way people use Skype is very personal but we think our users expect us to do it so we can continue to support free. But it will be done in a tasteful way”.

Skype was founded in 2003 and currently has 560 registered users. Silverman stated that there have been over 250 billion calling minutes on Skype. Skype only makes money at the moment, however, from users who make or receive calls from outside the Skype network, such as those to and from landline and mobile phones.

It is thought that the adverts will be similar to the visual adverts that can be seen on Spotify, where the service is still completely available to users, but with adverts appearing in various panels or on top of the software when idle.

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