Stuck abroad? Skype has some sympathy with you. Following the news that the VoIP software enabled a couple's relatives to watch them get married over the Web, the company has now offered free Wi-Fi access in more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide.

The normal charges for Skype Access have been lifted, meaning that tourists stuck abroad will be able to get access to the Web in cafes, hotels and airports, including - the company says in a blog post - the majority of international airports. If you're trying to pass the time in a departure lounge, therefore, you'll at least have lolcats to sustain you.

The free access will stay in place until 2359GMT on Friday 23 April, when it's expected that most flights will be running again as normal. All you'll need to get access is a hotspot, a Wi-Fi equipped device, and the latest version of Skype.