The families of a couple stuck abroad have been forced to use Skype to watch them take their vows, as clouds of ash keep British planes grounded into a second week.

Sean and Natalie Murtagh were flying back from a civil service in Australia to hold a humanist ceremony for their UK-based relatives, but were stuck in Dubai after trying to change planes. They asked staff at their hotel if they could use a laptop in their room, but staff insisted on decking out the lobby with a three-tier wedding cake, Skype and a projector.

"It's spellbinding the amount they have done for us. It's been an incredible day. We were never going to forget it anyway but we certainly won't forget it now", said Mr Murtagh, who had to borrow a shirt, trousers, and cufflinks for the Skype chat. Meanwhile, the Royal Navy has mobilized to help out holidaymakers in Spain and France.

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