While most of the country will be spending today guzzling turkey, ripping open presents and watching festive telly, it seems 5.8 million of us will be stuck in work on Christmas Day itself.

According to a study from VoIP company Skype, a whopping 38.6 million Brits will be at work at some time over the Christmas period.

The study revealed that while 23.2 million festive workers were expected to be in the office on Christmas Eve, 11 million will be at work on Boxing Day and 18.9 million will be at their workplace on New Year's Eve.

One third of those working in the UK during Christmas and New Year said that not being able to spend time with loved ones is the biggest downside, but a quarter of festive workers will spend the time at their desks contacting friends and family and one in four workers will be surfing the net.

In addition, almost half (44%) of workers will send Christmas text messages, 22% will keep in touch via Facebook or Twitter, and - here comes the promo part - one in seven of them will log onto Skype to contact friends and family.

"Christmas is traditionally a holiday for spending time with friends and family", says Jonathan Watson, marketing manager at Skype.

"However, some of us have to work and more people than ever before are choosing to use technology such as video calling and instant messaging to keep in touch with people whilst they work, wherever they may be in the world and no matter what they are doing".