Samsung Electronics have announced the imminent launch of a digital music service.

SamsungPlay is designed to work seamlessly with their digital music players, including the popular K3, K5 and T9, as well as others.

The site is created in conjunction with MusicNet, who provide digital entertainment platforms to other consumer brands.

Previously released Samsung PlaysForSure devices such as the Z5 will also able to use the new digital music service.

The new offering will be integrated into the Samsung Media Studio, the proprietary Samsung-developed media player for Samsung's devices after a software update.

The new service will offer both music subscriptions, allowing unlimited downloads for a flat monthly fee and the option to buy individual tracks.

UK subscribers will be able to access more than 3 million songs from the four major labels and over 55,000 independent labels.

Monthly subscriptions will be £10.25 and tracks will be from 79p.

The site doesn't appear to be fully live just yet - but following the link below will give you a flavour of the service.