Samsung has decided to capitalise on Apple's lack of presence in the Far East and announce the launch of its own music store to complement its range of MP3 players and phones.

Although Apple has launched a store in Japan and Australia, the company has yet to make in roads into Samsung's home country - South Korea or any of its neighbouring countries leaving the door wide open.

"We are now in talks with our partners to debut a service program like iTunes of Apple", Samsung president Choi Ji-sung told the Korea Times. "Our number one priority is to help customers use our products with ease".

He added that Samsung's portable players sell well in China and South East Asian countries where iTunes has no presence.

"Considering that Samsung's market share is bigger than Apple's in Asian countries and that the iTunes service is not offered in the region, except in Japan, we definitely have a competitive edge there", he said.

Choi would not give details of the service or reveal when it will launch, though it almost certain to be based on Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM platform.