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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has launched a new app store specifically for Bixby.

Called Bixby Marketplace, Galaxy users can now browse for “Bixby capsules", which sounds like an awkward alternative to skills or apps. These are tools that unlock more things you can do with Bixby via voice commands. To be clear, Bixby already integrated with some third-party apps, but now, with the new Bixby Marketplace, users can more easily discover what their voice assistant can do.

SamsungSamsung gives Bixby its own app store with capsules instead of skills image 2

There are categories for games, productivity, travel, and so on. Users can also customise capsules. Here's how Samsung explained it:

"To add even more customization, users can set a capsule as the 'preferred capsule' for certain types of requests. For example, if a user says 'Get me a ride to San Francisco airport', Bixby will prompt the user to pick one of the supported Rideshare capsules. Users will have the option to set their favorite provider as their preferred Rideshare capsule. Once that is set, any Rideshare request would automatically go to the user’s preferred provider, even if the user does not mention the capsule name. The ability for users to customize their own personal Bixby experience allows them to easily incorporate a wide range of capsules into their everyday lives."

We had a look around and found capsules for Spotify, Yelp, and YouTube, to name a few, but Samsung said developers will continue to add more capsules to the Bixby Marketplace "over the next few months".

Users can now access the Bixby Marketplace from the Bixby main page. It's initially launching in the US and Korea.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 1 July 2019.