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(Pocket-lint) - The Bright Night camera feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is becoming a dedicated night mode.

Previously, Bright Night automatically worked for owners of the Galaxy S10 during low-light situations, but going forward, you will be able to manually activate it whenever you want, as first noted by SamMobile. That'll will also make people happy who may have been annoyed when the algorithm stepped in and corrected their photographs without their approval.

This software update started rolling out first to Switzerland users, and its unclear if others will get it soon. However, when and if it fully goes live across the world, users should see a new night mode option in their camera app. The new mode can be accessed by swiping, just like you'd find other camera modes like the Panorama, directly inside of the Samsung camera app.

SamMobile/SamsungSamsung image 2

In the past year, we’ve seen huge advancements in night photography technology for smartphones, and the Bright Night mode from Samsung is a prime example. There's also Google’s version of the tech, which you can learn more about here, and Huawei has a Night Mode, too.

However, opinions are divided as to which is best. We personally really like Google Night Sight. And this purported camera shootout advertised by Huawei seems to suggest its technology is far superior to Samsung's.

Which mode do you prefer?

Writing by Maggie Tillman.