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(Pocket-lint) - PayPal is finally available as a payment option inside Samsung Pay.

Although a partnership between Samsung and PayPal was announced last July, the ability to actually add your PayPal Wallet to your phone is only just rolling out. You can now make contactless payments using PayPal on your Samsung handset in stores around the world that accept Samsung Pay.

It is safe and secure, with none of your details being sent to the retailer. A virtual account number is transferred instead that simply represents your payment details - they don't see your personal account information at all.

Your PayPal Wallet can be topped up in traditional ways, either by crediting your account directly or through drawing on your bank account or cards. Of course, you can also add bank cards to Samsung Pay directly, but through PayPal you can use top up for a self-managed pay-as-you-go service, and you are covered by PayPal's consumer protection promises.

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How to add PayPal Wallet to Samsung Pay

  • Tap the "+" symbol on upper right of the Samsung Pay homescreen
  • Tap "Add PayPal" in the "Add payment card" section that appears
  • You’ll now need to input your account credentials if you do not have "One Touch" already enabled on your handset
  • Tap "Next" and enter a PIN for in-store purchases
  • Select a debit card or bank account to top-up the account
  • Tap "Agree & Continue". Bingo!

Samsung Pay works with both NFC and MST payment machines.

Writing by Rik Henderson.