(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is, um, trying new things, in an attempt to get people interested in virtual reality.

It has documented Jason and Alison Larke and the birth of their third child. The whole idea apparently came about after Jason discovered his job as a contract electrical engineer would prevent him from being home around time his wife was meant to give birth. They couple tend to spend months apart for work, living on opposite sides of Australia, but Samsung was able to bring them together for the birth of their son.

"Using the Samsung Gear VR, Jason was transported 4,000 kilometers across the country right into the delivery room. He could experience his wife’s birth live during her delivery using Samsung Gear technology - the first time a birth has been captured live using virtual reality," explained Samsung in a blog post. "Samsung Electronics Australia captured Jason and Alison’s story about how Gear VR technology helped".

Samsung basically live streamed the birth, and gave Jason the ability to experience that live stream in virtual reality via Gear VR. It was as if Jason was right in the delivering room, witnessing his child's birth in person. Alison told Samsung it was like a "weight had been lifted off" her shoulders just knowing Jason would not be missing out on such a precious moment in their lives.

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You can watch the entire occasion, if that sort of thing interests you, in the video above. And then, if you want, check out Pocket-lint's round-up of the top VR headsets available right now. The list not only includes Gear VR, but also cheaper alternatives like Google Cardboard.

Writing by Elyse Betters.