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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has allegedly developed a new lifestyle app for Galaxy devices, called Life Times.

SamMobile published leaked screenshots of the app, revealing core features and functions. The app appears to act as a life-logging app. It is capable of automatically logging things like phone calls and app usage. It will also catalogue content, such as photos, emails, location, messages, social media alerts and music.

All of this logged and catalogued data is then served up to you - like a daily round-up or digest. In fact, Life Times appears quite similar to Samsung's Story Album app for photos and locations, though this app goes further to include all of your lifestyle activities that involve a phone.


 Samsung's new app would contradict an earlier report that claimed it would no longer push its own apps and Android customisations. Google supposedly pressured Samsung into keeping Android on Galaxy devices a little more pure, though more recent rumours have suggested Samsung agreed to the arrangement because Google planned to sell Motorola.

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Apart from all that, if Samsung does indeed roll out this app, you can expect to see it release alongside new flagship handsets. That's because the company typically launches key devices with a suite of fresh apps and services.

Writing by Elyse Betters.