Actress Tina Fey briefly mocked director Michael Bay during the 2014 Golden Globe awards, impersonating his meltdown at the Samsung keynote during CES 2014 in Las Vegas last week.

Fey's joke lasted mere seconds, but the audience, filled with Hollywood's finest, caught on immediately. Their reaction signalled to the world that people beyond tech geeks pay attention to the annual CES tradeshow. Or they simply follow the latest viral news on the web and Twitter. Either way, it was neat to see Bay's gaffe pop up at one of the most prestigious award shows in America.

It was a tasteful jab, too. Co-host Fey didn't mimic the director for an awkward amount of time, nor did she leave the stage completely, but she did mock his inability to read a teleprompter and introduce new products (or, in this case, presenters). Fey's approach was a reminder that Bay shouldn't be ridiculed simply because he forgot his public speaking skills at Samsung's live-streamed event.

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Check out the Golden Globes clip, below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.