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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is preparing to hop-in the retail sector with stores inside of select Best Buys in the United States to help promote its new Galaxy S4, reports Geek.com. The move will help the company promote its latest flagship to the mass market, in a similar way Apple already does within Best Buys.

Apple already has mini-stores within Best Buys across the country, looking similar to Apple stores within many malls on a smaller scale. The mini-stores allow a more personal way to pitch Apple's line of OS X desktops and are well spaced for a less-cramped experience. 

Samsung and Apple won't be positioned right next to each in stores. Rather, Samsung is said to be removing two aisles next to the mobile department in high-traffic Best Buy locations initially. The company will post its own signage and set a large amount of demo devices out on tables to show off TouchWiz features and more. The Galaxy S4 won't be the only focus, as other Samsung handsets and tablets will also be highlighted. 


The new Samsung mini-stores shouldn't pose a problem to Apple - but to other Android manufacturers. Samsung will have a leg-up in pushing its handset, with not only floor space, but the Best Buy staff will also be specially trained on Samsung products. The report mentions that the Samsung mini-stores will roll-out to all Best Buys in the US by the end of the year (no word on the UK).

As the worldwide smartphone competition ramps-up, Samsung has begun spending more money on marketing with advertisements and a big Broadway presentation to announce the Galaxy S4.

Writing by Jake Smith.