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(Pocket-lint) - Smartphone leaders Apple and Samsung will feature wireless charging capabilities in their next-generation smartphone models this year, according to a report from Digitimes. 

Samsung's Galaxy S4 that's set to be announced on 14 March is said to feature wireless charging. However, it's not yet clear whether the feature will be embedded into the handset or if there will be a replacement back cover that will charge on top of a separate charging pad, according to the publication. 

Samsung is said to to be using the same Qi standard as Google that was featured on the Nexus 4 and its wireless charger. 


Apple, on the other hand, is said to be developing its own wireless charging technology internally, rather than looking to other companies for help. The next-generation iPhone is tipped to feature wireless charging, but like the Galaxy S4, it remains unclear if it will be attached or through another accessory.

Digitimes, which has a hit-or-miss track record, sheds light on the 2013 smartphone field thanks to "industry sources".

It's worth noting that Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide marketing,  played down wireless charging while speaking to AllThingsD in late 2012.

"As for wireless charging, Schiller notes that the wireless charging systems still have to be plugged into the wall, so it’s not clear how much convenience they add," it reported. "The widely adopted USB cord, meanwhile, can charge in wall outlets, computers and even on airplanes, he said."

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We'll be watching to see what moves Samsung makes first, as it will announce the Galaxy S4 at a media event in New York on 14 March. Our sources have tipped the handset to feature a 5-inch AMOLED screen and 8-core processor.

Apple is said to be introducing its next-generation iPhone this summer NS 9to5mac says Apple will be keeping with minor specification upgrades and staying away from wireless charging this year.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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