Olympic sponsor Samsung has partnered with Touchnote to make its mobile postcard service free for the duration of the summer.

For those unfamiliar with Touchnote, the service enables you to take a photo with your smartphone or tablet device and send it as a physical postcard to friends and family. The usual cost of this is £1.49. 

However, up until 31 August Touchnote will be free to use on smartphone and tablet devices, as well as through the Samsung and Touchnote collaborated website and a Facebook app.

touchnote and samsung will deliver your postcards for free this summer image 2

“In today’s world of sharing photos digitally on Facebook and email, it is easy to forget how special it is to receive something in the post," said Raam Thakrar, co-founder of Touchnote.

"A real postcard adds a personal touch and can really make someone’s day.” 

The free offer is open to any Android-enabled smartphone and tablet, though Samsung Galaxy Note users will have the added benefit of being able to use the S-pen to scribble their messages as handwritten.

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