Samsung has fundamentally ruled out any Facebook-esque service after rumours began to circulate that the Korean giant was looking to market its own social network.

In something of an uncharacteristic move, Samsung took to its official global blog to say claims that it was developing a service, codenamed "Samsung Facebook", were "groundless". 

However, the manufacturer did concede that it is currently looking at upgrading its Family Story service that enables users to share photos, videos and messages with friends and family via a cloud service on Samsung Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and the web.

Facebook has been acquiring more column inches than usual of late, with a rumoured Facebook phone said to be on the horizon, the launch of its own App Center, integration into Apple’s new iOS 6, a possible buy out of Opera and of course making itself available on the stock market.

However, with Samsung’s definitive no, this is one rumour that can be fully extinguished.

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