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(Pocket-lint) - Get ready to get posh shopping on your telly boxes Samsung fans, a Marks & Spencer app is landing on Sammy's Smart TV platform.

But when we say "get ready" that's all we mean, because there's no shopping option just yet - it's just "a snapshot of how consumers will be able to shop in the future".

Those are the words of Guy Kinnell, marketing director for TV, Samsung UK, who also says "the development of the M&S Smart TV App highlights the popularity of Smart TV as the most immersive and interactive format for consumers".

Indeed it does Gary, indeed it does. For it was only a couple of months or so back that we were talking all about the Rightmove app landing on the platform, joining the likes of the BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, YouTube, Teletext Holidays, Thomson Local, Facebook and Twitter on offer.

Back to the M&S app and it's more of a lifestyle app than a shopping one for now, although it's fairly obvious this option will get added and / or rival apps from the likes of Tesco and Waitrose will get in on the fun in the future.

It packs tips on lifestyle, food, fashion, technology, selecting the perfect wine and recipes and "enables customers to discover more about our products and innovations from the comfort of their living rooms, whilst supporting our broader marketing channels".

It's free, of course, and will be available from Samsung Apps section on your Smart TV or Blu-ray machine.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.