It's the 8th most popular website in the UK, has listings for over 20,000 agents and developers from Land's End to John O' Groats and is the only place where you can take a look around someone's house uninvited without them getting all worked up and calling the police. And now it's hitting your TV.

Samsung Smart Hub


Coming soon to Samsung TVs

You've probably used the Rightmove website. Even if you haven't moved house in the last few years we'd wager that you've taken a nosy look around a neighbour's house on the website or maybe just perused the virtual tour of your dream house that you'd snap up if you won the lottery.

Rightmove is also available in mobile browser and as an app on iOS (coming soon to Android). But the real estate company thinks that it's hit the big time now with its TV app. Well, it's hit the big screen at least.

The TV app, which is in the final stages of testing with the Samsung boffins, so should go live anytime soon - is a great way to view properties that you might be interested in. The bigger screen real estate from your PC means that you get a better feel of what the rooms inside the house actually look like and there's no more squinting to see the details of floor plans.

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The app hooks up to your Rightmove account too, so should you highlight a number of places that you want your partner of family to see using you PC, you can sit on the couch and take a look together.

All the usual Rightmove features are in place, such as map viewing, detailed filtering and property descriptions and there's also a QR code aspect should you wish to save the details of a place that you like the look of on your mobile phone.

The TV App Agency is the company behind the app and its director, Andy Eardley, told Pocket-lint that there's no reason why video can't be added to the setup in future versions.

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The Rightmove TV app is hitting all Samsung TVs with SmartHub first, but we're told that other manufacturers will be getting on board as well soon.

We'll let you know as soon as it goes live.