Samsung and Apple haven't exactly enjoyed the most conciliatory relationship over the last few months, with more lawsuits flying back and forth than we can (be bothered to) keep count of.

And, in the face of Apple successfully getting some Sammy products removed from the shelves in certain regions, you'd have thought that the Korean company may have kept the rivalry low key for the time being.

Not so though, as the latest advert for the Samsung Galaxy S II shows. It's not exactly subtle about which phone it is mocking, even before it puts the iPhone 4S head to head with its flagship device towards the end.

Showing fanboys queuing for Apple's latest mobile across the States, it highlights people saying how they may have made an error in their smartphone choice, with comments about the phone "looking the same" and having "sketchy battery" issues bandied about.

After being wowed by a spotted S II, the fanboys seem to realise the error of their ways. Except one, who hilariously comments: "I can't get a Samsung, I'm creative."

According to Samsung: "The next big thing is already here." Ouch.

See how they measure up in Pocket-lint's opinion:

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