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(Pocket-lint) - What have been the most popular gadgets this year? What about the most talked about companies? It's a tough one isn't it?

While Twitter has produced a bevy of analytical posts on its blog about the top trending topics, here at Pocket-lint we thought it would be interesting to see what we had been writing in headlines over the past 12 months.

According to the Pocket-lint tweet cloud, created by tweetcloud.com, Samsung and Apple have had a very successful year as they were the two most tweeted about words on the Pocket-lint Twitter stream and our 3000 odd tweets this year.

It’s not surprising when you think about it. It’s been a bumper year for both Apple and Samsung.

Apple has had the launch of the Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and new iPods, as well as having trouble over antenna issues and a constant stream of leaks and rumours for us all to enjoy.

Samsung on the other hand has had the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Nexus S, as well as a bevy of TVs too boot.

The two companys' tablets in particular producing a large amount of interest amongst tech journalists and the wider public, something which is set to continue in 2011.

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Other words that also came out top were the iPhone, Windows (thanks to the launch of Windows Phone 7), BlackBerry and Facebook.

If you’re wondering why Android hasn’t done as well as you might have expected, don’t worry we initially thought about that too. But don't forget these are words used in our Twitter feed which reproduces our headlines from the site. Android, while powering everything, rarely leads the story, bringing us back around to why Samsung has probably proved so popular for our headline writers. 

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There has clearly been a huge amount going on in 2010, so let us know your tech-related highs in the comments below.

Writing by Ben Crompton.