(Pocket-lint) - Player vs player battles are finally coming to Pokemon Go, meaning that trainers in the game can pitch their skills against real world opponents, in real time.

It's a feature that's long been missing from the game and one of the essential elements of the Pokemon world that's long been requested.

The new system - coming via an update in December - will let you challenge other trainers using a unique battle code. You'll be able to take three Pokemon into the fight and to keep things fair, there's a limit on how often you can fight the same Pokemon - and you'll be in a tiered league.

NianticNiantic image 2

You'll be able to challenge other Trainers you meet, or if you have ultra friends - see, we knew making friends would become important - you'll be able to battle remotely, meaning you can fight from home. 

Things are real time rather than turn based and you'll be able to use fast and charged attacks. There will also be a Protect Shield that you can use (in limited numbers) to defend yourself from attacks if you get the timing right. 

Rather than pitching yourself straight into combat, you'll be able to train against Team Leaders - Spark, Candela and Blanche. There will be rewards for battles and the chance to get rare evolution items.

So, if you've not been powering up a wide selection of Pokemon, then it's time to prepare your collection for battle! 

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Writing by Maggie Tillman and Chris Hall.