If you're a subscriber to Comes With Music, you might have recieved an interesting email recently - offering you an extension of your subscription. Nokia has been sending out messages to people whose subscriptions are about to expire, offering three months extra, free.

"As a big thank you, we have some great news. We're going to give you more. We are giving you another 90 days of musical freedom at no cost at all: your membership, due to end on 15/10/2009 will be extended until 13/01/2010", said one email - quoted by MusicAlly.

We asked Nokia for a comment on the message, and got back an uninteresting: "We are very pleased to offer our earliest Comes With Music customers in the UK a complimentary 90 day extension of this great service. Further details about renewal options will be shared over the coming weeks and we hope you continue to enjoy more free tracks in the meantime".

So what could the reason for the surprise extension be? Some have suggested that it's to delay negative publicity when people's subscriptions end until they can announce new options on the service. Others have even said that it could be that Nokia wants to close the service down, but isn't quite ready to do so just yet and doesn't want people taking out brand new subscriptions that it'll have to refund.

Either way, most analysts agree that Comes with Music hasn't been a runaway success for Nokia in the UK, despite reports of it performing exceptionally well in the Far East. Perhaps Nokia is just trying to reward those customers that took the plunge and signed up early.

We'll bring you more news of those promised renewal options when they surface.