Taiwanese manufacturing sources are reporting that Nokia's just announced netbook range, currently comprising of the Nokia Booklet 3G, is set to grow - and in an interesting direction.

DigiTimes states: "Nokia, in addition to its recently unveiled netbook, the Nokia Booklet 3G, will offer an ARM-based smartbook and soon settle ODM orders, according to Taiwan-based handset makers".

The site reports that the as-yet announced new model will fall into the "smartbook" category, which could mean it would run a less demanding operating system such as the Maemo OS Nokia uses in its internet tablets, or Android, although Nokia is yet to offer any device with the Google phone OS.

Orders for the smartbook(let?) are reported to have gone to either Compal or Foxconn with a release date pegged as mid-2010, while the on-sale date for the Booklet 3G is suggested as early 2010.