First it got Sony Ericsson on side, and now Zeemote has got Nokia on board too with a new promotion in Germany, all in the run up to Leipzig.

The company, which makes wireless controllers for mobile devices, has signed an agreement that will see Nokia advertising Zeemote's JS1 Controller in its German media channels, while the controller will be available in special Nokia gaming bundles with selected mobile devices.

The official announcement, along with other news is planned for the Gaming Convention.

"With the world’s gaming eyes on The Games Convention at Leipzig it was a natural and perfect venue for us to announce our cooperation with Nokia in Germany," said Jim Adams, VP of worldwide sales at Zeemote. "This and other announcements we have planned have the potential to extend and unlock the creativity of game and application development to a new level."

Visitors to Leipzig will be able to try the controller out first hand by visiting the N-Gage Bus, Stand A 05/1 or by tracking down one of the mobile N-Gage gaming lounges.