Nokia has reported better than expected profits in the last year months of 2007.

The company thanks to a series of new phone launches saw profits rise 44% to 1.8bn euros.

Compared to Apple's 190,000 iPhones the Finnish company sold 133 million mobile phones during the quarter, more than its three closest rivals put together.

The results mean that Nokia dominate the market with a 40% share.

Nokia says the success of the increase of sales, market share and profit is thanks to several key devices that started shipping in volume across the product range including: Nokia 1200/1208, Nokia 2630, Nokia 5310, Nokia 6500 and the new Nokia N95 8GB.

However Nokia has warned that it expects numbers not too be as rosy in the first quarter of 2008 reflecting normal industry seasonality, following a strong fourth quarter 2007.