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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has branched out into satnav with the launch of the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation.

Following on from GPS offerings in the N95 and 6100 handsets, the company has decided to launch a dedicated unit for those wanting to find their way on the roads but still have the familiarity of the Nokia brand.

"The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation is an expansion of our extensive enhancements portfolio. Our solutions are tightly integrated with our mobile devices, allowing users to enjoy quality handsfree communication with their phonebook, music and competitive navigation", said Marcus Stahl, director, Nokia Automotive.

The unit will come with a 4.3-inch screen and allow users to connect their phone via Bluetooth to use the devices to make handsfree calls.

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The Nokia 500 will also come with Traffic Message Channel Service, an MP3 player, and the ability to view photographs and watch videos. It will also include a built-in FM Transmitter.

As standard with satnavs, the unit will come pre-installed regional maps for the territory, detailed travel information and points of interest.

The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation is expected to be available in selected channels in Europe before Christmas.

Following on from the launch of the Nokia 500 satnav device, Nokia has also announced the Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W.

The 31g GPS module has up to 10 hours of operating time comes in black and has an LED indicator to alert you to GPS activation, power and battery, and Bluetooth connectivity status. The GPS module will be available globally and cost an estimated £100.

Writing by Stuart Miles.