ALK Technologies has come up with an alternative to the N95's on-board GPS software, CoPilot Live navigation comes as a pre-loaded storage card for the handset.

If you're not so keen on Nokia's version, or found the cost of map downloads expensive - this could be a viable alternative. Supplied through T-Mobile, Carphone Warehouse and O2, the CoPilot Live storage cards are preloaded with detailed maps of the UK and Ireland from NAVTEQ.

The maps include full 7 digit UK postcodes and are accurate down to house number and include thousands of points of interest.

CoPilot Live utilises the N95's in-built GPS receiver to help coordinate directions whether by car or foot. It's also designed to offer a simple view for the traveller with maps only being displayed close to a turn or when stopped, with a simple graphical instruction shown at all other times. Drivers can choose from alternative views, including 3D, 2D or itinerary as required.

Only additional charges may be in the CoPilot Live’s real-time location that requires a mobile data connection.