Nokia has announced that its Software Updater for mobile phones is now available to all Nokia customers for download.

Previously available only to those who visit a Nokia service point, it's now available to download from Nokia's site, and lets you get the latest software and firmware support on your device.

"As mobile devices become more intelligent, software updates make it possible for us to provide a better experience for people by adding and updating functions", explained Jarkko Sakki, Director of Multimedia Customer Care at Nokia.

"For example, the recent software update for the Nokia N80 added support for internet calls."

"As mobile devices become more like computers in terms of performance, it's a natural step for us to offer internet based software updates so that people can have the best available capabilities in their Nokia device."

Once Software Updater is installed on a computer, you just connect your Nokia device to it and it automatically detects what kind you have and whether it needs updating.