Nokia has launched a new UK online shop that will offer customers Nokia SIM-free products direct to consumers in the UK.

Nokia has said that the new online shop will feature regular mobile device exclusives for customers, in an attempt to win back customers from the mobile phone operators.

To entice customers further the site will offer the company's new 8800 handset, that until now has not been available in the UK.

However customers hoping to catch the latest bargain will soon find that mobile operators continue to heavily subsidise the handsets.

The black 8800 will cost £799 compared to some operators prices as low as £210 with a 12 month contract.

"There is clearly a growing market out there for SIM-free products especially as our customers now have more than one handset. Additionally there are a core group of Nokia users who are always looking for the latest must have phone. The Online Shop will help us meet these demands and further develop our business; it gives us a great opportunity to be in closer contact with our customers and to understand their likes and dislikes", said Mats Wolontis, Managing Director of Nokia UK.

The UK site will be the first globally with more local Online Shops planned for selected countries in Europe in the second half of 2006.