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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has today announced that it is starting the rollout of a pretty big update for it's Windows Phone 8 portfolio with the Nokia Lumia Amber update, but has also made the Nokia Pro Camera app available to a wider range of devices.

Nokia Pro Camera made its debut on the Nokia Lumia 1020, giving you more control options over that 41-megapixel camera, but is now available to download on the Lumia 925, and will be available on the Lumia 920 and 928 following the Amber update.

The Pro Camera app gives you an entirely new camera interface. It appears as another "lens" option, so you can switch to it from the default Windows Phone 8 camera app, as you can with Nokia Smart Camera. You can also easily set it to be the default app on your Lumia if you like what it offers, which we do.


Nokia Pro Camera gives you access to a range of camera settings - like shutter speed, focus and ISO - with an easy-to-use thumb dial to tweak the settings. It opens up a range of more direct controls than you'd normally get, so if that photo just won't work in auto, you can really take control of things and get the best out of it.

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It doesn't contain all the features that the Lumia 1020 version does, as some are dependent on the 41-megapixel sensor, but it does make for a very nice camera app - so many times better than the standard Windows Phone 8 camera app.

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There's a range of useful tutorial videos available on Nokia's Conversations blog for the various features it offers and if you've got a Lumia 925, we'd recommend you download it today.

Writing by Chris Hall.