Nokia on Friday released Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac, making it easier to transfer those huge, raw pictures taken with the pro-user modes on Nokia devices like the Lumia 1020.

Mac users can easily transfer photos from Nokia devices, but those huge images, such as raw data photos, snapped with the Nokia Lumia 1020 are far too intense. Good luck using iPhoto. It just doesn't work (as noted in our review of the Lumia 1020). Nokia's new Photo Transfer for Mac app hopes to therefore streamline things a bit.

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The app connects a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 to a Mac OS computer, and it saves all the required files and makes it easier to export photos, video and other media between the two devices.

"Transfer normal photos and videos, as well as special types of photos and videos taken with SmartShoot, Cinemagraph, Nokia Smart Camera, or Nokia Pro Camera," explained Nokia in the app's description, while also noting it support .jpg, .npo, .nar, and .mp4 file formats.

You need OS X Lion or Mountain Lion to download Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac. The app is free and only available in English on Nokia's website.