Here Maps by Nokia, the mapping alternative to Google Maps and Apple's own Maps service, is now available for iOS. It's compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 4.3 or above and is optimised for the iPhone 5.

Pocket-lint went to San Francisco recently to get some hands-on time with the application, but we discovered that it is feature-light in comparison to the Android and Windows Phone 8 versions. However, when taken head to head with Apple's own service, it beats it hands down, thanks to Nokia's long heritage in the sector.

In addition, although a dedicated Google Maps iOS app is currently in the testing phase is could be a fair way off because it has to go through the Apple approval process first before it gets on to iTunes. That leaves Here Maps by Nokia as the only viable alternative to Apple Maps at present.

The announcement of its arrival was made by Nokia's European communications director Mark Squires on his Twitter feed (as @DrPinball). "Apple users, the Here maps app is available now for iPhone and iPad," he posted, before linking to the iTunes link where you can download the app for free.

At present, there's no sign of the more feature-rich Android version on Google Play. Pocket-lint will update you when we know more about its release.