Nokia Lumia 900 and 710 users in the US can now download an app that will provide free access to more than 150 exclusive playlists from a range of different genres.

Nokia Music is free to download from the Marketplace with no adverts, registration or subscription fee needed. Playlists can also be stored on the phone so they can be listened to when offline, say on an aircraft.

Users of the Nokia Music app can also "Create" their own playlists from a library of over a million different tracks.

We also like the sound of the "Gig Finder: feature within the Nokia Music app that uses your phone’s GPS signal to notify you of any concerts or gigs that are happening nearby.

Though the Nokia Music app is available only to Nokia Lumia 900 and 710 users in the US we’re hopeful that this free music service will eventually be rolled out to a larger audience.