A new alliance has been formed that will strive to advance indoor navigation, helping both consumers and retailers alike.

Nokia, Samsung and Sony are just three of the 22 partners to have signed up to the In-location Alliance which will each individually try new directives using Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi technology. However it is worth noting that both Google and Apple haven't signed up to the alliance as yet.

The idea is that you could be guided to specific products in a store or, on a more serious note, how to escape out of a burning building. For example, say you’re looking for a can of baked beans in a supermarket, the hope is that you will be able to receive detailed directions on what aisle to go to. Likewise, should you need to get out of an unfamiliar building in a hurry, the technology would be able to flag up the emergency exits on your mobile phone.

It may sound a tad ridiculous, but the fact that Nokia, Samsung and Sony have all backed the alliance proves it’s a scheme that many of the big hitters are taking seriously. 

"The indoor location market sits on the cusp of a wave, with the market set to reach a significant number of installations in 2015-2017,” says Patrick Connolly of ABI Research.

“With a huge number of proprietary technologies vying for position, the establishment of the In-Location Alliance can encourage innovation, lower costs and, ultimately, widespread adoption of standard based technologies and solutions."

The alliance will focus on five main agendas: high accuracy, low power consumption, mobility, implementability and usability.

It’s hoped the first mobile-based indoor navigation apps will begin becoming available to consumers during 2013.