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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia’s navigation app Nokia Drive has been updated so that it automatically remembers the journeys you take most often, providing real time information on the best route to take. 

The My Commute feature has been rolled out in the US initially, but will eventually hit other regions. Current Nokia Lumia users in the States can use the feature now, but it is set to become a major highlight in future Windows Phone 8 devices. 

“Nokia Drive is no longer just about voice guidance,” Thom Brenner, Nokia’s VP of applications for location and commerce, told Pocket-lint.

“It learns your driving habits everyday as you drive to and from work. Nokia Drive runs in the background, considering live traffic information before listing the best possible routes.”

nokia drive gets personal as your device learns your journeys image 2

However, Brenner is keen to point out that the routes provided by Nokia Drive are “your” routes as opposed to a route decided by a computer. For example, should you stop off every Friday morning for a bacon butty (it is Friday, after all) on your way to work, Nokia Drive will learn this automatically and factor this into your route to the office. 

The app will display multiple routes with an estimated journey time, which Brenner explains is key to the busy lives we lead.

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“My Commute will tell you whether it’s a good day or a bad day," he says. "If you see your journey time is 20 minutes as opposed to the usual half an hour, then that gives you 10 minutes to spend doing more joyful things, such as time with the family or making a coffee.”

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Nokia Drive sits as a live tile on the Windows Phone homescreen with My Commute starting to work automatically an hour before you usually begin your commute, factoring in live traffic information. 

Users can personalise their routes manually and though the data will initially be saved on individual devices, Nokia is looking at cloud-based solutions that will enable use across multiple Windows Phone devices.

“Currently data is stored locally, but we’re starting to bring favourites step by step to a user's profile. We can’t specify a time but it’s on the priority list. Eventually personal data will be stored on the cloud.” 

Nokia Drive is one of five of the Finnish giant's navigation apps on its Lumia range, with Maps, Transport, Pulse (in beta) and Nokia City Lens being the others.

Nokia has already opened up its navigation apps to Microsoft, so in theory they could be made available to all Windows Phone 8 devices, including Samsung and HTC phones. However, the decision will ultimately be down to Microsoft.

Do you use Nokia Drive? Do you rate it as a navigation solution? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan.