Bing Maps is to receive a welcome boost courtesy of Nokia, as the latter’s traffic information and geocoding algorithms are integrated into the mapping service. 

For those who don’t know, geocoding is a series of algorithms that are created by taking latitude and longitude information and then pinpointing a more accurate address for improved routes and directions. 

Yet the big story here is Nokia Maps' live traffic information being added to Bing Maps, which will alert drivers to any accidents or road works that might have occurred on their route. Should they experience any of the above, Bing Maps - using Nokia’s technology - will suggest alternative routes, allowing you to avoid avoiding any potentially time-consuming traffic jam.

Bing’s integration of Nokia Maps' live traffic information and geocoding is the part of Nokia’s Where Platform program. Along with building and improving apps on its own mapping service, Nokia will also provide functionalities and features to third-party location-based services.

Have you used the new and improved Bing Maps? What do you think?