The Nokia Lumia 900 in white has begun arriving at Phones 4u, a week before it officially said it would be stocking the phone.

One of Pocket-lint’s eagle-eyed readers noticed that the pre-order page on the retailer's website had been removed and replaced with a banner saying the phone wouldn’t actually be available until 27 May – 13 days after the anticipated 14 May arrival.

However, when our tipster called up the Phones 4u centre he was told that some stores may in fact already have the phone in stock and after calling his local store in Chelsea they confirmed they were indeed selling the much anticipated Windows Phone.

Pocket-lint double checked with another store who told us they were selling "like hotcakes".

So far only the white version is in store, with the black version to follow later, we presume on 27 May.

There’s been much confusion as to when we might finally see the Nokia Lumia 900 in the UK with Phones 4u saying the original on-sale date had previously been delayed due to a bigger than expected demand in the US.

Nokia for its part denied there was or ever had been a delay to the Nokia Lumia 900’s arrival in the UK.

Thanks to Matt for giving us the heads up on this story.

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