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(Pocket-lint) - Remember back to your first phone, the Nokia that you no doubt owned, and the game that you used to play over and over again? Yep that's right, for Windows Phone 7 users Nokia Snake from 1997 is back.

Simply called Snake '97 the 79p app in the Windows Phone Marketplace will let you relive some nostalgia of those halcyon days when mobile phones were just that.

"By carefully analysing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snake '97 remake is one of the most accurate available," says Willem Middelkoop, the developer.

The beauty here is that instead of trying to jazz the game up for the new century, Middelkoop, has kept it simple and pure, instead boosting the charm value with the controls.

You see the game's interface is that of an old Nokia handset from 1997 with you having to press the number pad buttons to control the snake on the screen rather than something that looks like the Windows Phone 7 interface.

Pressing those buttons gives you haptic feedback, while the games sound effects have been lifted from an old handset too.

We have to say it is probably the closest thing you'll experience to the real deal on an old handset.

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For those looking for a bit more, there are 11 difficult settings including the 9 original ones and two extra difficulty levels added.

Writing by Stuart Miles.