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(Pocket-lint) - Vuzix, the video eyewear specialist who was behind the funky Wrap 1200 specs that we saw at IFA last year, has announced the Smart Glasses tech that it will be showing off at CES next week.

The tech means Terminator-style Augmented Reality glasses which are as slick as your 1990s Oakleys. That's the look we think that Vuzix is going for anyway.

The point is, rather than the bulky video eyewear that we've seen in the past, Smart Glasses are able to be regular sized and will also be able to work with web-connected devices, such as your phone, to relay information over what your eyes are seeing. Nokia is on board too, it holds the licenses for some of the tech Vuzix has tapped into.

The Smart Glasses use integrated HD display engines and waveguide optics, meaning that they are able to display high contrast visuals with good enough brightness for outdoor use. The virtual display is relayed via a 1.4mm polymer waveguide lens with input and output hologram structures in place to transmit the light down the waveguide. The result is then two-dimensionally expanded into the wearer’s eye, creating a mix of the virtual and real world.

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The plan is to introduce the tech for both consumer and industrial use by the summer. We can just imagine an army of cyborgs wearing these in combat on our behalf. What could possibly go wrong?

Writing by Paul Lamkin.