One of the major elements of the N8 that Nokia is very keen to highlight is its ability to film 1080p video, and to offer owners an incentive to share their Full HD clips the Finnish company has created its own Vimeo channel (at

The channel's sole purpose is to give videos filmed on the Nokia N8 a platform to be watched by multitudes of like-minded fans of the device, all with the manufacturer's stamp of approval. In addition, the company plans to start up a Filmmaker's Grant Program in the near future, presumably offering prizes to the more inventive of projects.

All you have to do to be considered for inclusion on the channel is tag your vid "Nokia N8". And to help give you some inspiration, there are already some (professionally made) clips online, including the excellent stop-frame animation Nokia "Dot", a sample trailer and footage of a Vimeo party in Amsterdam.

Will you be using a Nokia N8 to record video? If so, let us know what you plan to record in the comments below...

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