Tech fans with a penchant for X Factor must have felt that they have struck gold.

Not only did Pocket-lint recently bring you news of Gear4's X Factor Karaoke Party Box, we're now bringing you news of a new Ovi X Factor app for your Nokia handset.

It seems as if Simon Cowell has pulled his trousers up and got busy doing a few deals in the tech industry.

The app will bring you all the news and gossip from the show, along with competitions, exclusive video content and photo galleries, as well as a forum where you'll be able to interact with fellow X Factor fans and rate performances.

The X Factor app will also have integration with Facebook and Twitter so you can let the world know if you agree with the judges' (scripted, surely?) opinions.

Robert Marsh, head of Talkback Thames digital said: "An important part of our continuing strategy to evolve the X Factor brand is to build its presence across mutli-platforms to further enrich viewers’ enjoyment of the show".

"Phone apps are a key area of development for us when we look at the digital extension of our entertainment brands".

"We are always looking for new ways to deliver great content to fans, working alongside our partners such as ITV and Nokia, and The X Factor app puts all of this at their fingertips".

The app hits the Ovi Store on 3 September.