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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix is rolling out an update for its iPhone and iPad apps which will allow new subscribers to choose a plan and subscribe through a link to its own website. 

In previous years, it's a feature Apple wouldn't allow Netflix to take advantage of, since it would mean circumventing the in-app purchase link that works through Apple's App Store and - as a result - Apple not getting its percentage of the fee. 

It's been something of a contentious issue for a number of developers, but in a recent update, Netflix is taking advantage of an API for 'reader' apps which are allowed to link to external subscription options. 

With this update - as first reported by 9to5Mac - a user is shown a pop-up when they tap the "subscribe" button. It states "you're about to leave the app to go to an external website", along with some fluff about how Netflix will be solely responsible for the subscription, and not Apple. 

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Then, when you hit 'continue' you go to Netflix's subscription page, where you can subscribe and sign in. By doing it this way, Netflix can avoid paying the 30 per cent commission for each subscription. 

Since Apple considers apps that deliver video or any other digital content (music, books, audio etc.) a reader app now, Netflix has been able to take advantage of this functionality. 

So, if you're not a Netflix subscriber yet, you can sign up from the Netflix app on iPhone and iPad now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.