(Pocket-lint) - Netflix is planning more interactive content similar to the 2018 film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

When Netflix released Bandersnatch, it included the unique option of letting users decide where the story would go. While that certainly created challenges for the team creating the show, it turned out to be a huge hit for the streaming giant. Of course, with that one success in the books, Netflix is revealing plans to go back to the choose-your-own-adventure style in the coming years.

According to Variety, the VP of product for Netflix, Todd Yellin, said the success of Bandersnatch has led to Netflix coming up with more interactive stories for the future. It won’t be limited to the dark sci-fi and horror genres that fans of Black Mirror love, however. Yellin said it could be "a wacky comedy" or "a romance, where the audience gets to choose, should she go out with him or him".

Netflix (Bandersnatch)Netflix Is Going All In On Bandersnatch-style Interactive Content image 2

While Bandersnatch was a success for Netflix, it remains to be seen whether that interactive storytelling will wain. How many people will want to click their way through a show or movie to decide how it ends? And how many people will give up and return to The Office for the 50th time?

Yellin also announced that Netflix is planning to make increased pushes into Latin America and India. This is all just another glimpse at Netflix’s strategy as the world of streaming platforms becomes filled with more competition than ever. For instance, Disney+ is expected to launch later this year, and other services are expected to debut in the near future from Apple and NBCUniversal.

Is the golden age of streaming dead? 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.