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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix will be introducing a new feature in April: previews. It will add vertical video previews to its mobile applications next month, which give you 30 second clips of programmes when you tap on a small, circular picture under a "previews" banner.

However, some of you might already find it on your phone's version of Netflix, as it seems that the streaming service rolled it out to some test participants early.

We found it on our iPhone 8 Plus, for example. We are opted-in for "Test Participation" in our settings (found on netflix.com) - which anybody can do - and the feature would have been sent as a preview.

Pocket-lint Netflix mobile previews coming to phones soon or if youre lucky you might already have it image 2

Netflix has offered video previews on its smart TV and set-to-box applications for some time, but what makes the mobile previews more special is that they have been specifically cut together to suit a vertical (portrait) display. That means you don't have to turn your phone just to take a look.

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Previews are automatically curated depending on your viewing habits (per profile) and you don't have to leave a preview clip to get to the next. You can swipe left or right to move onto the next or previous preview.

It's good that Netflix has made it a choice to watch a preview as it will undoubtedly use mobile data to do so - if you're not on a Wi-Fi connection at the time. Although, if you are on the mobile network Three, Netflix is one of the services you can use without impacting on your data allowance, so preview away.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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