After all the hullabaloo, Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system, is now here. Finally you can now officially ditch Windows Vista or Windows XP once and for all. But why should you spend £79.99 on getting it? Here are seven reasons why you should and one reason you shouldn't.

Windows Vista is, was, and always will be, a dog to run. It needs plenty of RAM, needs plenty of processor power and isn't netbook friendly. One of the biggest reasons the software was hated so much was people tried to run it on machines that just weren't powerful enough. The good news is Windows 7 doesn't suffer from the same afflictions. It's a lean mean operating system and that means it's netbook and old computer friendly. Huzzzah.

While the Mac boys will tell you that you should still feel dirty for using Microsoft, the Windows 7 interface has had a massive overhaul making it a lot cleaner on the eye. The task bar has been improved, the graphics are now tidier, and the overall look and feel much more "Mac". Microsoft has come a long way since the days of Windows 3.11 and this iteration of the company's OS shows it.

Never thought you would hear us say that did you? But it's right, Windows 7 is easier to use. The company now tries to explain what it's doing rather than expecting you to have a degree in computing from Cambridge. The search has been vastly improved, the taskbar now makes sense, the device manager lets you know what's going on and where, and even the networking isn't the dog it once was.

Those who like to get more touchy feely with their computers will love the fact that Windows 7 comes with touch support out of the box. Why should you care? Well if you've got a touch-enabled PC or laptop you can get involved with your fingers rather than just use your keyboard and mouse.

The multimedia elements to Window 7 have also been enhanced. There is the Remote Media Streaming feature than lets you stream your music and video around the home or over the Internet as well as new services like Sky Player that means Sky subscribers can stream Sky via the Media Center without the need for a TV or even a Sky box.

64-bit computing means you should, all being well, get things done faster as a 64-bit PC can handle larger amounts of information than a 32-bit system. Bring on the speed.

It's like you never installed Windows 7. While Microsoft says that you can run virtually all applications on the new OS, you just know that there is going to be one app you've got, most likely your favourite one, that won't. In steps Windows XP mode that allows you to run XP as a virtual machine so that one old programme can still work.

It's made by Microsoft - just kidding.