It's being reported that passwords for "thousands" of Hotmail accounts have leaked out online. An anonymous user posted details of over 10,000 accounts with user names running from A to B on a site called PasteBin, which is used by developers to share small chunks of code.

The details have been removed, but they covered, and accounts mostly based in Europe, according to Neowin, which says it saw a chunk of the list that was posted. It's believed that the passwords originate from phishing scams.

Given that the list covers just A and B, there's a good chance that C, D, E, etc lists exist too. If you're a Hotmail user, then it might be a good idea to go change your password, especially if you use it as your main email account. You should be changing it regularly, y'know.

Update: Google has confirmed that this problem is industry-wide.