Microsoft has shown off its full 09/10 range of mice, keyboards and webcams and Pocket-lint was on hand to get photos of everything. Most of these products we've seen before in the form of a press release, but here's some close up shots of what they look like in person.

On the keyboard front there's the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000, which has a detachable numpad and 6-degree curve, and the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 (that comes with a mouse), which has full Windows 7 capabilities - buttons are assigned to quicklaunch icons on the task bar.

In the mouse arena, there's the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, and the Wireless Arc Mouse - which folds in half for easy storage. It's clear that portability is an important factor for Microsoft here.

Lastly, Microsoft was showing off the high-definition Lifecam Cinema, and the lower-end Lifecam VX 800 - which represent both the bottom and the top of Microsoft's webcam range - all of which come equipped with microphones.