Microsoft has announced a deal for cash-strapped students ahead of the start of the University term across the country. Windows 7 will cost anyone with an .EDU email address (eg just £30.

The offer is available from 1 October for those who want to pre-order the software, and will run through the release of the OS on 22 October until 3 January 2010, at which point the OS will cost the full price again.

Microsoft says: "Students will benefit from many of Windows 7's unique functions and applications which make PCs easier, simpler and more fun to use. For those students who have the latest laptops with touch screen technology, Windows 7 comes with enhanced capabilities for an enriched touch experience".

"Other features include remote media streaming, improved gaming experience, enhanced security and integration of Windows Media Centre for more central and convenient management of music, movies and photos".

You'll need an academic email address for the deal, but if you've got one of those then just hit up after 1 October to access the discount.