Microsoft's Bing search engine has taken 10% of the US search market since it launched in May. Latest stats released by Nielsen suggest that Google is still growing, though, and that Bing is cannibalising other small search engines.

The big G's share of search traffic rose 2.6% over July's figure to 64.6%, taking nearly 7 billion searches over the month. Yahoo dropped 4.2% over the same time period, leaving it with 16% of the market. Bing's rise continued, though, up 22.1% to 10.7% of all US searches - 1.1 million, to be precise. Beyond the big three were AOL,, and then a number of more specialist search providers.

With Bing rising fast and Google sitting firmly at the top, where does that leave Yahoo, caught in the middle? It remains to be seen whether the company's revamping of its homepage will bear fruit in the search market or whether its endeavours to be more "social" will see it lose focus in a tough market.